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For the individual, choosing a plan under the Health Insurance Exchange may give them the piece of mind of having insurance, however the majority of doctors will not be accepting these plans. Also, many of these plans have lower premiums in exchange for higher deductibles, sometimes around $10,000.

Many of the procedures offered by Regency Healthcare are priced lower than these deductibles. This is not because the procedures are “cut rate” or “discounted”, but because the price is based on free market value. Furthermore, this form of medicine allows one of the most important thing the Affordable Care Act prevents- crossing state lines to find the best care. By not being restricted by state based insurers, patients can travel to receive care without being denied by their insurer.Despite the efforts among government agencies and patient advocacy groups the cost of healthcare is continuing to rise. Many patients needing to undergo corrective surgical procedures are met with administrative and bureaucratic hurdles that prevent them from getting the care they seek. Regency Healthcare has opted to avoid these hurdles by opting out of all government and commercially based insurance plans and instead offering direct to consumer pricing. Procedures will be priced significantly lower than hospital rates as a result of Regency Healthcare’s diminished overhead and the procedures not requiring overnight stays that incur thousands of dollars in hospital costs. All prices listed on the practice’s website will represent a global fee including anesthesia and facility fees.
The average cost of hospital procedures is sullied with hidden fees and additional costs to the patient. This is often done to ensure what is known as repricing between the insurer and hospital. For instance, the average Arthroscopic Knee Procedure in a New York City hospital can range from $40,700 to $10,900, not including physicians fees and anesthesia. Regency Healthcare costs will be a single fee of $4,950, all costs included. This allows the everyone to affordable healthcare, regardless of insurance status.

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