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Regency Healthcare’s transparent pricing model is ideal for employers. Our goal is two-fold. First, eliminate the insurance and hospital intermediaries that drive up the cost of healthcare. Second, allow businesses of all sizes to implement a cost savings model for employee healthcare using his “a la carte” model.

For employers providing healthcare to their employees, every dollar matters. So, what happens to the unused money paid into employee health premiums over the course of a year? Insurers do not reimburse employers nor incentivize employers to control the cost of their healthcare. Yet, year after year, money is paid into employee health plans never to be seen again.

For many employers, the cost of insuring employees is one of their largest expenditures of the fiscal year and with the Affordable Care Act premiums are rising based on arbitrary government mandates that dictate the amount of coverage employers must provide. We have all seen employers both large and small discuss how these increased premiums will hurt their bottom line and some who have gone so far as to cut their workforces or employee hours so that they can fall out of the scope of the Employer Mandate.

Regency Healthcare emphasizes a direct contract relationship between our practice and businesses. This direct contracting allows employers and employees to know the cost of their procedures upfront without the need to exhaust deductibles and pay exorbitant co-insurances. Our transparent pricing model offers cost substantially lower than managed care or hospital rates. Regency Healthcare is physician owned and operated and is therefore not subject to the bureaucracy and repricing common among insurers and hospitals.

For employers that self-insure their health plans, many purchase stop-loss insurance for their employees and directly contract with us to provide orthopedic and general surgical procedures. Additionally, these self-insured plans are regulated under ERISA and therefore not subject to many of the mandates that became law with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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